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Thinking Outside the Brain: Immunorregulation in Multiple Sclerosis

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 2 ]


Lidia Fernandez-Paredes, Marta Tejera-Alhambra, Clara de Andres and Silvia Sanchez-Ramon   Pages 98 - 111 ( 14 )


A defective immunorregulation has been demonstrated at different levels in autoimmune disease and in multiple sclerosis (MS) in particular, which can be partly restored by therapies used for MS. This fact highlights the relevance of promoting specific tolerance for central nervous system antigens for the prevention of MS. In the present review, we summarize recent findings on the role of the diverse regulatory immune cell subsets to convey an integrated view of MS pathogenesis in the framework of the immune and psychoneuroendocrine metasystem. We also discuss the effects of MS therapies on these regulatory cells’ subsets, and their implications in the cellular therapy of the disease.


Regulatory T cells, tolerogenic dendritic cells, IL-10, multiple sclerosis, TGF-β.


Department of Immunology, Hospital Universitario Clinico San Carlos, Calle Profesor Martin Lagos S/N, 28040 Madrid

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